4 Winter Jewelry Trends to Try

Winter is in full fledge, as many states experience below zero temperatures, it got us in the mood. Lets talk Winter jewelry. Overstated pieces, glamorous rich color and mixed textures are some of the very popular 2013 jewelry trends. With Christmas only 13 days away and New Years Eve only 19 days away, it’s time to get your holiday outfits in order! If you don’t want to invest in an entirely new outfit, incorporating accessories and interesting jewelry will spruce up any outfit. When in doubt, always wear black. Black is a canvas to show off beautiful jewelry. It creates a back drop and will show off that beautiful necklace or bracelet. When dressing for the holidays this season, keep these 4 Winter jewelry trends in mind and try one out!

1. Overstated Jewels: Overstated jewelry has been a popular trend throughout all of 2012 and 2013 however, Winter is the perfect time to show off that dramatic jewelry. Chunky necklaces make for a perfect “ornament” during the holidays.

2. Hematite Metal: Industrial metal colors have become a very trendy item for 2013. Mix hematite magnetic necklaces and hematite magnetic bracelets for an edgy feel during the holidays.

Magnetic Bracelet Hematite #9

3. Layering Textures: Layering different lengths of necklaces and bracelets is a fun way to make your jewelry your own. Create unique one of a kind looks by layering with your own jewelry.

4. Rich Color: Think sapphire, emerald and ruby colors. These rich tones set off any outfit and look especially beautiful twinkling in the Winter.


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