Dress Up for the Holidays With Magnetic Jewelry

The Holidays are here, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. With many celebrations ahead including family gatherings, office parties and plenty of other holiday parties, it’s time to dust off those fancy holiday dresses and suits and take them out for a night. Many of us don’t have the opportunity to dress nice, unless it’s for work. This time of the year opens the doors for dressing up. For women that don’t want to buy a new dress for an event but are in need of a dressy outfit for a holiday event, keep these 6 tips in mind.

1. When in doubt, wear black. Wearing black always looks chic and classic. Find a black top or black dress from your closet and dress it up for the holidays (read the tips below)

2. Dress it up with magnetic jewelry. Adding a few pieces of statement jewelry dress up any outfit. Throw on a chunky magnetic bracelet or delicately beaded hematite necklace for instant glam

3. Add red. Red is the color of the holidays paint your nails red to make your jewelry pop. Or add a pop of red to your lips for added warmth to your face.

4. Add accessories. Add a pop of glitter with a clutch or small handbag. Add colored tights to a simple dress.

5. Bare your arms. Don’t be afraid to bare your arms at a holiday party. Add some shimmery body lotion for a rich tone.

6. Wear a cocktail ring. Instantly dress up your entire outfit by popping on a cocktail ring in a jewel tone, it screams holidays.


  1. Rachel Matteson

    These are really great tips. There are lots of parties to attend during the holidays. I could really use these tips to shine out in a crowd. Thanks a lot for sharing this blog.

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