What to Wear to Your Office Holiday Party

It’s that time of the year – get ready for holiday shopping, baking and of course, lots of holiday celebrations, including an office party or two. Perhaps you have been to a few of these? It’s sometimes a fine line to walk, celebrating the holiday season with co-workers while not on the clock. After working with these people day in and out, it’s not very often you have the chance to chat with them outside of work talk.

Many wonder what is acceptable to wear to a holiday party.

Should you keep it business professional or casual? Is it okay to wear something other than what you wear daily to the office? 

It’s always a good idea to be dressed business professional, even at a holiday office party. Don’t forget the many important people that may be there, including your bosses boss. Wear something comfortable, yet professional. Make small changes, such as adding a piece of special jewelry you don’t usually wear or ditching the daily blazer for the evening. These small changes will keep you comfortable yet continue your professional look that you work so hard for. Make your outfit special with a hematite magnetic necklace or copper magnetic bracelet, but don’t forget to keep your professional composure throughout the entire celebratioSergio Lub Copper Magnetic Bracelet 547 Magnetic Necklace Hematite #2


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