Halloween Inspired Magnetic Jewelry

Who is taking their little ghouls and goblins out trick or treating tonight? Halloween is one of the funnest holidays to celebrate with kids. Many kids anticipate dressing up and going around the neighborhood for a bag of treats, while parents also get enjoyment out of the festivities. Many families have yearly traditions on Halloween, what are some of yours?

Popular costumes this year for kids include, minions (from Despicable Me), and the infamous fox from What Does the Fox say. Growing up popular costumes included witches and ghosts, costumes have become very elaborate. Whether you wore a costume today or not, getting into the Halloween spirit requires wearing some sort of orange, black and eating lots of candy.

Orange and black colored beads have us Halloween inspired!

In lieu of this spooky day, we bring you Halloween inspired magnetic jewelry. Just because your an adult doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a treat as well! Instead of eating candy or caramel apples, surprise someone with a worthy treat, a magnetic bracelet or magnetic anklet. This treat will keep on giving as the months pass on.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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