Celebs That Use Magnetic Therapy

In the pursuit of healthy alternatives, many experiments have been conducted to distinguish different types of therapies and natural remedies over the years, and still continue. The concept of magnetic therapy has been around for centuries. Magnets have been reputed to hold therapeutic qualities, which is a very attractive quality to many. Magnetic therapy has evolved from using mineral stones and rocks to wearing magnetic jewelry, which is made of these stones, next to the skin.

Stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and pro golfer Jack Nicklaus have been spotted wearing magnetic jewelry, as well as many other celebrities. Although magnetic jewelry wasn’t around centuries ago, the concept of magnetic therapy was. Long time famous figures such as Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth I were fans of magnetic therapy.  Cleopatra was said to sleep on a lodestone, which is a naturally magnetized piece of mineral magnetite. Magnetic therapy has been increasingly more popular, especially through the form of magnetic jewelry. Along with famous celebrities, many are enjoying the affects of magnetic jewelry. This concept although centuries old, is gauging even more traction as the years surpass.

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