Gauss Questions Answered

Gauss, which is abbreviated as G or Gs, is essentially the measurement of strength in each magnet. Gauss is named after the German Mathematician, Carl Friedrich Gauss, and is also known as magnetic flux density or magnetic induction. Gauss is measured in square units, one gauss is defined as one maxwell per square centimeter. The higher the gauss in a piece of magnetic jewelry means the stronger the magnets may be.

When looking at purchasing a piece of magnetic jewelry, it can be somewhat important to look at the gauss measure. Although gauss is somewhat important when making your buying decision, it is not the most important attribute. Make sure to also take into consideration the size of your jewelry, whether it be a necklace, anklet or bracelet, as well as the area of the body that the jewelry is worn, and the type of magnetic jewelry you choose. Also the size of a magnet can sometimes make a difference. For example, if two magnets have the same gauss and one is larger than the other, the larger magnet may offer greater depth of penetration. You may also find that in many cases,  styles that have smaller magnets may have more magnets. So better to not over worry yourself over such minor details. While more is sometimes better, that is not always the case.

If you are trying magnetic jewelry for the first time, do not be too concerned about having as extremely high a gauss as possible, which may or may not not make a difference. Better to choose a reputable supplier such as Magnet Jewelry Store that offers appropriately high gauss on all items. After trying, you will find out if magnetic therapy is suitable for you, as everyone’s bodies reacts differently to magnetic therapy. However, if you are a seasoned magnetic jewelry wearer, you may be ready to experiment with different gauss ratings as well as different types of magnets and jewelry styles..

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