How to Care for Your Magnetic Jewelry

The use of magnetic jewelry is becoming increasingly popular. With many types of jewelry to choose from: hematite magnetic bracelets, Sergio Lub bracelets, stainless steel magnetic bracelets, among many others, there are tons of options to satisfy your fashion taste. Magnetic jewelry is quality jewelry, which means taking care of it is on the top of the importance list. To keep your magnetic jewelry happy keep these maintenance tips in mind.

1. Avoid dropping or hitting your magnetic jewelry on hard surfaces to avoid damage.

2. Don’t use a jewelry cleaner solution or a jewelry cleaner to clean your magnetic jewelry. This could in some cases damage the jewelry, especially the appearance, depending on the type of metal your jewelry is made of.

3. Clean your metal jewelry with a clean cloth, mild soap and warm water. Then dry with cloth.

4. Clean any tarnished copper magnetic jewelry with a brass or metal cleaner (make sure to read label of cleaner before applying), or you can just let it age naturally as most people do.

5. For hematite magnetic jewelry, keep as dry as reasonably possible. Also dry wipe the clasp ends from time to time. Nothing more should need to be done to the hematite jewelry. If you will be getting your jewelry wet or exposed to moisture, stainless steel may be the best option.

TIP: Make sure to take off magnetic jewelry before swimming in chlorine or salt water, which may corrode the metal. All stainless steel jewelry can be an exception because of the durable metal, but it is still best to remove.

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