Which Magnetic Bracelet Style Do You Choose?

Magnetic jewelry comes in a number of forms depending on your jewelry preference. Choose between a huge selection of bracelets, necklaces, anklets, , rings and more, all of which come in different metal styles as well. Although it may not benefit every person, wearing a magnetic bracelet may assist some with pain. Whether magnetic therapy works for you or not, wearing the jewelry is fashionable on it’s own.

Who doesn’t love a piece of nice jewelry? Not only does Magnet Jewelry Store offer many different types of magnetic jewelry but they also offer tons of different styles. Which describes you? Check out the different styles below and choose which fits your personality most.

Beaded Magnetic Bracelet Style:

Beaded bracelets are a popular and trendy style. These magnetic bracelets made out of magnetic hematite beads are custom strung and give a bohemian feel. Choose between a range of metal and bead colors that suits your fashion style best.

Copper Magnetic Bracelet Style:

Our copper magnetic bracelets come in a range of different styles, each beautiful and created especially to suite you. Go for a hammer copper magnetic bracelet look for a more rustic look or a braided copper magnetic bracelet for unique texture and feel.

Hammer Copper Magnetic Bracelet      

Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet Style:

Stainless steel screams classic, chic. This clean cut metal offers plenty of different styles to choose from. We believe strongly in finding a magnetic bracelet that will suit you and your fashion sense. We want you to feel special wearing it, like you do when you wear a decadent piece of jewelry. Go for a cuff style stainless steel magnetic bracelet for a shiny, clean look or a mixture of silver and gold color for something different.



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