How to Wear a Magnetic Bracelet Correctly


Many claim to seek pain relief from their magnetic jewelry. However, there are many forms of magnetic jewelry: bracelets, rings, necklaces, and anklets. Magnetic bracelets are a popular form of jewelry that many choose to wear. In order for a magnetic bracelet to possibly be effective, it must be worn correctly. Yes, there is correct form to wear one. Want to learn more? Continue reading.



When Ordering Your Magnetic Bracelet:

When ordering your magnetic bracelet, whether it be copper magnetic bracelet, stainless steel magnetic bracelet or a hematite magnetic bracelet, your wrist measurement should be taken. If you don’t know your wrist size, measure it with a fabric tap measure to achieve the most comfortable size. You should not add extra to your wrist size. Measure it as if the tape measure is your bracelet, and there is no extra space added, it should be snug.

When Wearing Your Magnetic Bracelet:

After you have received your magnetic bracelet, it’s time to decide where to place it on your wrist, or which wrist to wear it on. You can look at a reflexology map if you would like to determine where on your wrist you would like to place your bracelet, depending on pressure points in the body. Different wrist placements may affect different parts of the body via pressure points. Most people wear a magnetic bracelet at the end of their arm, and choose the arm which is closer to where they may have a problem. If you are not sure, try it at the end of your arm next to your wrist, on each wrist, to see which arm may suit you better.

*Wearing a magnetic bracelet does not guarantee relief, and we make no health claims whatsoever. Everyone’s body is different and results will vary person to person.

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