Is My Magnetic Bracelet Real?

Caveat emptor – let the buyer beware! The trusty old Latin saying is an important rule to live by, especially in these days of widespread online shopping. You as a buyer may sit down at your computer and order a magnetic bracelet from someone half a world away, someone you will never even see. Your money is going on the line, but even more vital than that, you may be in pain and hoping it may make a difference. It is very important to you that you find a solution that might actually help. You just don’t have the time to fool around with phonies.

Is my magnetic bracelet real?Look carefully at the website where the magnetic bracelet you like is advertised. Is it clean and professional looking Web Store? Does the dealer seem knowledgeable and truthful, or do they make all kinds of wild claims for what their product can do? How about customer service? Do they have a toll free phone number? A merchant with a convenient payment system and a money back guarantee, and a reliable client support team to turn to if you need assistance is not so likely to be out to rip you off with a fake bracelet. Also check to see if they are a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Or maybe you are beyond the ordering stage. Let’s say you already own a magnetic bracelet, but you are not sure whether it is real. A proper tool is a Tesla meter or gaussmeter that you would use to test the strength of a magnet. But without the meter, you can test the magnets by putting the bracelet near a few metal paperclips or steel sewing pins. Common objects you are likely to have in your home. If the pins or paperclips are attracted to the magnets – voila! Your bracelet is indeed, magnetic.

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