Copper May Stop Infections In Hospitals

We long have known that copper is healthful and for many people may reduce pain and inflammation for example by wearing a copper bracelet. Copper is also a needed element to sustain human life. Now new studies are proving that using copper in hospital rooms may prevent infections. This is an important new understanding that can have wonderful results. Thousands of years ago ancient Indians knew copper could prevent illness. By putting water in copper pots, they found the copper would prevent illness because the copper would kill bacteria. Now because of these new present day findings, you may be finding copper used more and more in hospitals and hospital rooms. A recent article on CNN explains this.

Copper has a natural antimicrobial property and when bacteria comes into contact with it, it prevents its growth and kills the bacteria. This may prevent so many unintended infections such as Staphylococcus aureus and possibly many others. This may help to prevent long illnesses and deaths in many people which would be a wonderful development. I have also been so happy to know how copper makes my body feel, and the thought of copper saving lives is such a wonderful development. More studies are needed to maximize the wonderful properties of copper and how it can help people to live better lives. Stay tuned!

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