What Is Magnet Jewelry And Where Should It Be Worn?

Magnet Jewelry is jewelry that holds magnetic therapy magnets. A more common name may be magnetic jewelry, but they are really the same. magnet jewelry can be anything from a magnetic bracelet to a magnetic anklet, necklace or ring.

What Is Magnet Jewelry And Where Should It Be Worn?Why would someone wear a magnet bracelet rather than a magnetic anklet, or necklace or ring? It may just be a matter of personal preference. But it can also have to do with where there is a problem area on the body. It is true that wearing a magnet bracelet may sometimes have a positive effect on parts of the body that are far from the wrist, such as the neck, back, hips, and knees.

But it can sometimes be helpful to wear your magnet jewelry closer to a problem area. For example, wearing a magnetic anklet may sometimes show greater results for problems in your feet, ankles, or legs, more so than wearing a magnet bracelet. The only way you will really know what may be best is by trying magnet jewelry in different places to see what may provide you with the happiest results. Keep an open mind and see what you may learn. There is the added benefit that magnet jewelry can also be fashionable and add to your happiness just by wearing a stylish piece of jewelry.

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