Can You Fix A Broken Magnetic Bracelet?

Oh no! Your favorite magnetic bracelet is broken. That can be so upsetting. The main reason is, of course, that the beauty of a magnet bracelet goes way beyond its good looking surface. Your bracelet is a tool for potential pain relief, and you know how important that is. Your bracelet needs to be fixed or replaced so that you can once again enjoy the benefits. The question is what, exactly, is the problem. The answer will help you to find the best way to repair it.

It depends on what kind of bracelet you have and the problem to determine if it can be easily fixed. If it is a stainless steel link style magnetic bracelet, and if the bracelet’s clasp no longer stays closed, the end clasp can possibly be replaced. A broken link in your magnetic bracelet can be repaired and most likely will require the services of a jeweler or watch repair professional.

Can you fix a broken magnetic bracelet?If you have a broken hematite magnetic bracelet, that is something that requires more than a simple fix. To repair hematite magnetic jewelry it really would have to be completely remade. In addition if any parts have rust, they would have to be replaced. So in most instances, it is best to replace. In order to get hematite jewelry to last as long as possible, please do keep as dry as possible. With so many lovely inexpensive magnetic bracelets on the market, why not just buy a new one? You will certainly replace far less often than if you had a prescription to refill.

If you have a broken copper magnetic bracelet, it would most likely need to be replaced. The good news is that copper magnetic bracelets are durable and if you have the correct size, and do not over bend when putting on and off, they should last. Also be sure to not bend where the magnets are, which can force the magnet to come out.

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