Does Magnetic Jewelry Work?

Do you check out the Internet much? If so, you may be familiar with all the discussion and debate over magnetic therapy and its effectiveness. So, to repeat a familiar question: does magnetic jewelry work? The answer isn’t so simple. There has been somewhat limited scientific research into the subject, and nothing has been proven one way or another. Some studies suggest benefit, while others are inconclusive for a variety of reasons. But it is true that a lot of people who have tried magnet jewelry report great results. Some scientists tend to dismiss this as “anecdotal evidence.” While others say magnetic therapy can be helpful.

Does Magnetic Jewelry Work?But healing and relief are the ultimate goal of any sufferer of chronic pain, whether they faithfully take prescription pain killers or experiment with more esoteric means of healing. It is true that not everyone responds the same way to magnetic therapy. Some people notice a tremendous difference while others not so. Trying magnet jewelry is likely to be the only way to know if you are amongst those who notice benefit. Magnetic Jewelry is also easy to try and relatively inexpensive if you shop in the right places.

For most people, there are no side effects to this all natural, non invasive form of therapy. Check with your physician before you start, in order to get the green light, then choose a style that suits you. Try wearing it for say, two weeks. Notice how you feel and if you notice any difference. You may also consider trying on different sides of the body. For example, if it is a magnetic bracelet, if you do not notice a difference on the left wrist after some time has passed, try it on the right wrist for a time. Some have even noticed a difference after wearing a time, and then removing for a time, and trying again. For some people, difference may be noticed in hours, for others it may take days or weeks, while still others do not notice a difference wearing magnetic jewelry. It could be that you will have your own success story to add to the “anecdotal evidence.” Please note that magnetic jewelry is not to be used by pregnant women or folks with electronic implanted medical devices such as defibrillators.

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