Cleaning Your Copper Magnetic Bracelet

When you own a fine piece of magnetic jewelry, you may want to maintain its new appearance. Your copper magnetic bracelet may be no exception. But it is true that copper bracelets do naturally develop a patina and for some people the copper may leave natural skin marks. Many people believe that skin marks from copper show the body is absorbing the copper and thus providing benefit. One can look at the copper Statue of Liberty to see this natural patina in action. For those that find benefit in wearing copper, many are so glad that the minor detail of patina or natural skin marks is no worry. Some people choose to use a copper cleaner and many others just let copper age naturally. For people that do not wish to have their magnetic jewelry change colors, stainless steel magnetic jewelry may be the preferred type to wear.

Copper Magnetic BraceletOver time you will find that your copper bracelet’s color gradually changes from the original shiny orange and develops a deeper brownish or green or blue/black color. You can clean this off your copper magnetic bracelet with a commercial metal polish, preferably one made specifically for copper. Apply the polish following the directions provided, then remove and buff the bracelet with a soft rag. For your convenience, you may find a spray on copper cleaner easiest to use. Should you plan to work with caustic substances such as strong household cleansers, it is a good idea to remove the copper magnetic bracelet temporarily to avoid exposing the metal to harsh chemicals.

On the Internet there are a lot of suggestions for homemade copper cleaners, some sensible sounding, some of them wild and wacky. Most use food items such as olive oil (it is recommended to soak your copper item for a year!), lemon juice mixed with salt and even ketchup. Be very careful if you plan to experiment with these homespun solutions on your copper magnetic bracelet – first test a small amount in an inconspicuous spot and avoid anything abrasive. Many people prefer to just let the copper age and develop a natural patina, which does not affect the metal’s properties.


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      There really is not a good way to clean them when they get rusty. When it gets to that point it is likely best to replace the bracelet, or remove the magnet altogether. Our line of copper bracelets do have stainless steel magnet caps to help prevent this from happening to a certain degree.

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