Magnet Bracelets as Gifts

The best gifts are signs of love. They communicate to the receiver that he or she is cared about, even cherished. They are thoughtful and good looking, yet practical and useful.  Sound like a tall order? Well, if any of your loved ones – a parent, grandparent, spouse or even your child – suffers from the burden of chronic pain, then look into magnet bracelets; they could be the ideal gift. Combining a beautiful appearance with the potential for deep and soothing relief, magnet bracelets are a welcome, unique expression of your caring and concern.

Magnet BraceletYour only experience with magnets may with clunky electro magnets used in high school science experiments, or with flimsy magnets used to attach notes to your fridge. Today’s attractive magnet bracelets resemble neither of those. Instead, they are lightweight, fashionable pieces of jewelry, crafted from a variety of metals, often combined with colorful beads. Generally they hold a number of small but strong neodymium rare earth magnets, which are said to have a healing effect on everything from arthritis pain to carpal tunnel. Styles range from casual to dressy, and for the man in your life, there are handsome, solidly masculine bracelets.

A few guidelines for choosing the right gift: a magnet bracelet is sold according to size. You can find this out by obtaining the recipients wrist measurement. (Of course, if you are planning a surprise, you will have to find an ingenious method of doing this!) If the recipient to be has trouble with fine motor movements, it may be best to choose an expendable or cuff style magnet bracelet, but do consider their personal tastes when choosing. If you are buying one of the attractively beaded hematite magnetic bracelets, be sure to choose your loved one’s favorite color.

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