How Magnetic Therapy Works

Have you, or someone you love, ever experienced serious and long term pain? If so, you naturally will be eager to hear of possible solutions to this devastating problem. Lately, magnetic therapy has been in the public eye as a treatment that may have the potential to bring relief to many sufferers of both chronic and acute painful medical conditions. This natural, non-invasive method of self help is worth looking at more closely.

Tips for choosing a Magnetic BraceletThere are many explanations for why treatment with magnets may work. The most common theory is that magnetic therapy, using magnets of several hundred to several thousand Gauss (the measurement of magnet strength), many times stronger than your average fridge magnet, can help to relax the blood vessels and help blood flow more normally. When blood vessels are constricted, as is common in illnesses such as migraine headaches or as the result of injury, swelling and pain result.  This has yet to be definitely proven across the board, but Professor Thomas Skalak, chairman of the biomedical department, University of Virginia, conducted a 2008 study which seems to support this theory.

In terms of how it works, strong magnets are placed on the body, on or near the painful area, or on a wrist or ankle, for varying periods of time. Generally it is suggested that the magnets remain in place for several weeks at least, although they may be removed for brief periods, as when showering or washing dishes. Magnetic jewelry is commonly used as a vehicle for magnetic therapy. The use of magnetic bracelets, necklaces, rings and anklets is a comfortable, relatively lightweight and attractive way to hold the magnets in place.

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