Fancy Magnetic Jewelry

“What do I do if I have a dressy occasion to attend?” This question may arise when you are thinking about trying magnetic jewelry for any kind of health condition. Naturally you are eager for relief, but at the same time, you’d like to look presentable, even attractive. You want people to see you as a human being, instead of focusing on your health condition. Especially if you are attending a wedding, class reunion, formal dance, date night at a five star restaurant or any other elegant celebration, looking good helps you to feel good.

Magnetic JewelryThat being the case, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Today’s magnetic jewelry comes in whole range of lovely styles to suit any occasion and to coordinate with any outfit. And considering their charming appearance, the quality of their craftsmanship and their possible health benefits, each piece is surprisingly reasonably priced. What this means for you, is that if you wish, you can easily purchase several items, for work or play and for day or evening.

Magnetic jewelry is made of a variety of materials that offer quite unique looks. Stainless steel, copper and magnetic hematite are often used to make magnetic jewelry. Stainless steel and copper magnetic jewelry often have gold or silver accents, while magnetic hematite can often be mingled with colorful beads made of beautiful semi precious stones such as amethyst, red coral or turquoise.

If you find that magnetic therapy brings you relief, you will treasure the freedom you feel from your painful condition. And with magnetic jewelry suitable for even the fanciest venue, you will not have to give up even a minute of that freedom. What a wonderful feeling that will be – sounds like a reason to celebrate!

Magnet Bracelets as Gifts

The best gifts are signs of love. They communicate to the receiver that he or she is cared about, even cherished. They are thoughtful and good looking, yet practical and useful.  Sound like a tall order? Well, if any of your loved ones – a parent, grandparent, spouse or even your child – suffers from the burden of chronic pain, then look into magnet bracelets; they could be the ideal gift. Combining a beautiful appearance with the potential for deep and soothing relief, magnet bracelets are a welcome, unique expression of your caring and concern.

Magnet BraceletYour only experience with magnets may with clunky electro magnets used in high school science experiments, or with flimsy magnets used to attach notes to your fridge. Today’s attractive magnet bracelets resemble neither of those. Instead, they are lightweight, fashionable pieces of jewelry, crafted from a variety of metals, often combined with colorful beads. Generally they hold a number of small but strong neodymium rare earth magnets, which are said to have a healing effect on everything from arthritis pain to carpal tunnel. Styles range from casual to dressy, and for the man in your life, there are handsome, solidly masculine bracelets.

A few guidelines for choosing the right gift: a magnet bracelet is sold according to size. You can find this out by obtaining the recipients wrist measurement. (Of course, if you are planning a surprise, you will have to find an ingenious method of doing this!) If the recipient to be has trouble with fine motor movements, it may be best to choose an expendable or cuff style magnet bracelet, but do consider their personal tastes when choosing. If you are buying one of the attractively beaded hematite magnetic bracelets, be sure to choose your loved one’s favorite color.

How Magnetic Therapy Works

Have you, or someone you love, ever experienced serious and long term pain? If so, you naturally will be eager to hear of possible solutions to this devastating problem. Lately, magnetic therapy has been in the public eye as a treatment that may have the potential to bring relief to many sufferers of both chronic and acute painful medical conditions. This natural, non-invasive method of self help is worth looking at more closely.

Tips for choosing a Magnetic BraceletThere are many explanations for why treatment with magnets may work. The most common theory is that magnetic therapy, using magnets of several hundred to several thousand Gauss (the measurement of magnet strength), many times stronger than your average fridge magnet, can help to relax the blood vessels and help blood flow more normally. When blood vessels are constricted, as is common in illnesses such as migraine headaches or as the result of injury, swelling and pain result.  This has yet to be definitely proven across the board, but Professor Thomas Skalak, chairman of the biomedical department, University of Virginia, conducted a 2008 study which seems to support this theory.

In terms of how it works, strong magnets are placed on the body, on or near the painful area, or on a wrist or ankle, for varying periods of time. Generally it is suggested that the magnets remain in place for several weeks at least, although they may be removed for brief periods, as when showering or washing dishes. Magnetic jewelry is commonly used as a vehicle for magnetic therapy. The use of magnetic bracelets, necklaces, rings and anklets is a comfortable, relatively lightweight and attractive way to hold the magnets in place.

Tips for Choosing a Magnetic Bracelet

Not all magnetic bracelets are created equal. A very important principle of magnetic therapy is that the magnets should be in direct contact with your body. Often having magnets close to a problem area is a good idea. Therefore a magnetic bracelet is what you want for a wrist problem such as carpal tunnel syndrome. But it can also sometimes be true that wearing magnets on your wrist may help other areas of your body such as the back, hips, or knees. The bracelet should not be too loose or so tight that it’s uncomfortable or cuts off circulation. You do want the magnets to be in contact with your skin, but it should fit comfortably. After all, if the bracelet ends up in your drawer, and not on your arm, it’s not going to do you a lot of good.

Next, check out the quality and strength of the magnets themselves. You can choose from a magnetic bracelet that serves as a setting for a number of small magnets, which may be made of ceramic (cheap but bulky), samarium cobalt (better than ceramic but brittle and easily chipped) or high quality, high strength neodymium rare earth. Alternatively the bracelet itself may be made from materials that have been magnetized such as lodestone or magnetic hematite. Magnet strength is measured in units called Gauss; you should be on the lookout for a gauss rating of at least 800 gauss with hematite and at least 1700 gauss with neodymium rare earth magnets. Of course, appearance will be a factor in your choice. Most people want a magnetic bracelet with a fashionable look, which does not advertise its therapeutic side too blatantly. Last but not least, it is important to purchase from a reputable dealer, especially if you are ordering over the Internet. Make sure to buy from a well-established magnet jewelry business, with a reasonable refund policy and good customer support such as Magnet Jewelry Store.