When Chiropractic Doesn’t Work But Yoga Does

This short piece on relaxation starts off by featuring a woman who had been struggling with back pain due to a repetitive stress injury. She was treated by a chiropractor for years before trying yoga which is when she found real relief. In fact, she is quoted as saying, “The yoga helped me more than the chiropractic I was trying to do at the time for my back pain.”

There are several lessons to take away from her story. First, yoga can work extremely well as a therapy. In fact, it may be the most commonly recommended way of treating different pains in the body including the back, shoulders, and hips. There’s the stretching and strengthening involved but also the relaxation that can reduce physical discomfort. And second, if a treatment doesn’t seem to be having a positive impact after three months or so, it’s important to discuss this with your doctor and/or practitioner. Maybe it’s time to make an adjustment, add a complementary therapy, or change approaches entirely.

Read the full article here: The Art of Relaxation

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