Bracelets are a Great Way to Try Out Magnetic Jewelry

One of the best ways to introduce magnets into your routine is with magnetic bracelets. They are one of the most easy and convenient way to wear the magnets. Our fashionable bracelets are made from copper, stainless steel and high-power magnetic hematite. Magnetic Jewelry’s magnetic bracelets have rare high power earth neodynium magnets in addition to being made of the highest quality metals available.

Magnetic bracelets can be switched out depending on your mood and how they compliment your fashion for the day. Trying a couple different styles will let you know what feels the most comfortable for you. If you are not comfortable wearing the jewelry you will not get as much benefit out of it so comfort is important when choosing a bracelet in addition to colors and style. Check out some of our favorite designs.Magnetic Bracelet

basket-weave-copper-magnetic-bracelet-7  copper-band-magnetic-bracelet-7

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