Triple Power Hematite Magnets

At Magnet Jewelry Store we offer double and single strand hematite magnetic bracelets that are made to order. These triple power hematite magnets are comfortable worn and fastened with a 5000 gauss rare earth magnet clasp and very strong stainless steel jewelry wire.

Both single strand and double strand hematite magnetic bracelets come in a variety of bead styles and can also be paired with natural stones. These bracelets are custom made for your wrist so please measure your wrist carefully and order with your actual wrist size in inches against the skin without adding extra. We make the bracelets about 3/4″ of an inch larger than your wrist size so you can be assured of a proper fit. A custom made bracelet is a comfortable fit.

Check out some of our top picks below. These bracelets work really well for hands that have trouble fastening a bracelet because the magnet clasp can be put on one handed and it has a strong hold.


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